No Boil Hoppy Pale

It has been hot and humid out there with temperatures feeling like in the 100s. That makes it hard to brew outside. So I decided to brew this 5 gallon batch indoors, BIAB all grain. Since I didn’t have to bring this wort to boil, I didn’t need to use my propane burner. I mashed in single infusion at 150 deg F, with a handful of Citra and El Dorado. While waiting for the mash to convert, I boiled water using my electric kettle and added 1.5 quart of boiling water until I reached 170 deg F and ~6 gallons. Then I lifted up the grains and hops and let it cool to 95 deg F and pitched the Voss kveik. 10 hours into active fermentation, I dry-hopped a handful of Citra and El Dorado. A day later I measured the SG, and it was within about 1 Plato of the final gravity. So I kegged the beer and let it naturally carbonated for about three days. Once terminal gravity was reached, I moved it into the kegerator and tapped it. It’s tasting pretty wonderful!


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