Munich Dunkel Using Weyermann Heirloom & Terroir Malt

I would have never imagined getting Czech barley malt without having to travel to the Czech Republic. Thanks to Weyermann for releasing their heirloom and terroir malt series. I use two of them very often – the floor malted Bohemian Pilsner and the floor malted Bohemian Dark malt. For this beer, I used almost 100% of the dark malt, with a few ounces of Carafa II Special for color adjustment. Color specs on this floor malted dark is between Vienna and Munich malt, but the flavor complexity is unrivaled! I did not use any other specialty malt but I was able to achieve a complex malty bread crust with chocolate flavor profile. I used Mt Hood hops with 60 and 15 mins addition to balance the malt. Hop aroma is non existent as the terroir dark malt takes over. It finishes dry enough for me to drink this one pint after another in this warm spring weather of New Orleans.

OG 1.054, FG 1.014, 28 IBU

Step infusion, BIAB direct heat and stir, dough in at 134 deg F, raise to 145 deg F and rest, raise to 158 deg F and rest, mash out at 170 deg F. Pitch W34/70 at 48 deg F, ferment at 50 deg F, free rise to 55 deg F at the first sign of airlock activity, diacetyl rest at 60 deg F. Keg and fine with gelatin, force carbonate. Grain to glass in 16 days.


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