Waiting on the Cold Front Schankbier

It’s almost mid October and the high is still upper 80s today. Good thing I have a schankbier (tap beer literally) to sip on while waiting on the cold front to roll through tonight. It’s been brutally hot and humid to brew outside, but I’m glad I braved the heat and rain last weekend to brew this session beer. A quick history on the origin of schankbier, it was an old German federal beer tax category. The category was defined by the starting gravity between 7 and 8 degrees Plato wort. That translates to roughly 3% ABV beer.

The grain bill is very simple, 50% floor malted bohemian pilsner and 50% floor malted bohemian dark, mash rests at 148 and 156 deg F, aiming for 1.032 OG, about 25 IBU, with Liberty and Saaz hops, 60/15/flameout additions. Cool to 95 deg F and pitch Voss kveik. I have been having low attenuation issues with Voss kveik fermenting low gravity wort (seems to always stall at about 50 to 60% apparent attenuation, not sure why), so I saved some wort from the first 148 deg F rest and pitch it into the fermenter. I wanted to test if the alpha/beta amylase would help with the attenuation. I went along the line of how amyloglucosidase (AMG) is used to dry out brut ipa. I asked my cousin, who is a chemist in the food industry, if alpha/beta amylase are part of AMG. The answer is yes, AMG is just a generic term. So there you go, you brut ipa brewers, you don’t need to buy the enzyme, you just save some wort from your mash! That way you can brag about brewing your brut ipa in strict accordance to the reinheitsgebot.

This beer gotta be the fastest grain to glass beer that I’ve ever made. I measured the gravity a day after pitching and it was at 1.008! I kegged the beer and force carbed. I’m drinking it now on day 3! I actually did a 10 gal split batch and pitched the other 5 gal with WY3711. The airlock activity is just slowing down as I type this blog now.

So here you go, a partially carbonated grain to glass day #3 beer! (Could have been day #2 beer if I were to tap it yesterday!)


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