Session Dark Lager Svagdricka

It’s officially Mardi Gras weekend and everyone’s having a beverage regardless the time of day. (You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning right!) Parade starts at noon and you need to get hair of the dog in the a.m. to feel better from the previous night of revelry. Hence a session beer is the most appropriate for all the above. I caught a podcast of chop and brew on brewing svagdricka and it inspired me to brew one. It is a low alcohol Swedish beverage. It has a similar grist as a Czech dark lager, pils + Munich + caramunich + carafa. So I just halved the Czech dark lager grain bill (FM BoPils, FM BoDark, caramunich II, carafa II dehusked) and shot for IBU in the teens with Willamette hops that had been sitting in the freezer. I mashed high at 160 to encourage less attenuation from the W34/70 yeast. OG was 1.034, finished at 1.015, 2.5% ABV. Kegged and carbed, grain to glass in exactly 1 week. It tastes like iced coffee! I would probably skip FM BoPils, go all FM BoDark, and halve the caramunich II next time.


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